Heart Disease and Prevention Guidelines

2009 US-Indo Healthcare Summit Recommendations for South Asians:


Waist Circumference      <80cm ( < 31 inches) for Women    

                                                      <90cm ( <36 inches) for Men    

Body Mass index (BMI)    <23kg/m2  

Blood Pressure       <130/85 mmHg            

                                         <120/80 mmHg with diabetes   

Total cholesterol        <160 mg/dL  

LDL cholesterol          < 100mg/dL     < 70mg/dL for diabetes or CAD HDL cholesterol         > 40mg/dL ( men); > 50mg/dL (women) Triglycerides               < 150mg/dL  


 Lipoprotein (a)           < 20mg/dL

Know Your Numbers!

It's important that every adult South Asian follows his or her weight, blood pressure and lipid profile.  If your numbers are above these recommended guidlines, speak without your physician on what you can do to improve.